• Tackling Australia’s extinction crisis

    Euan Ritchie     |      May 13, 2022

    Despite its sunny, unspoiled international promotion, Australia has one of the worst conservation records in the world and the new government must take action to reverse the damage before it’s too late.

  • NSW’s war on wildlife

    Euan Ritchie     |      September 18, 2021

    A new code which allows rural landholders in NSW to clear up to 25 metres of land outside their property boundary will be devastating for the wildlife that live or migrate there.

  • 5 ways to improve the government’s plan for threatened wildlife

    Euan Ritchie     |      January 23, 2021

    The first Threatened Species Strategy fizzled out last year without making a big difference to conservation. With the next strategy due to roll out this year, let’s look at what needs to change.