• How Albanese crept into power

    Frank Bongiorno     |      May 22, 2022

    Though it won just a third of first preference votes, Labor will form a minority government thanks to a strong showing by the teal independents and Greens and Western Australia’s wholesale rejection of Scott Morrison, so how will Albanese govern now?

  • Australia can handle a hung parliament

    Frank Bongiorno     |      April 24, 2022

    An indecisive election in 2022 might produce a better government than a narrow majority in the House of Representatives for one side or the other.

  • Farewell to 2021 in federal politics

    Frank Bongiorno     |      December 14, 2021

    It’s been an interesting year in Federal politics to say the least, but the verdict of the voters will have to wait for 2022.

  • The best of times, the worst of times

    Frank Bongiorno     |      June 9, 2021

    Public trust in government increased during the COVID crisis, but the jury is out on whether Coalition support will fall due to bungles in the vaccine rollout.

  • We will still remember them

    Frank Bongiorno     |      April 25, 2020

    Anzac Day was commemorated in 1919 despite the ravages of the Spanish flu. Over a century later, in 2020, we will remember those who fell defending freedom in pandemic conditions once again.

  • Australia’s response to the Spanish flu tolls a warning for today

    Frank Bongiorno     |      March 25, 2020

    Australian states are finally enforcing social isolation, as they did a hundred years ago against Spanish Flu, but the worst is yet to come. Neither should restrictions be lifted too quickly, as many Australians were killed by a second wave of Spanish Flu in the autumn of 1919.

  • Nuance and nostalgia

    Frank Bongiorno     |      November 15, 2019

    The internal report on Labor’s election debacle bemoans the party’s tendency to become the vehicle for various interests with diverse grievances at the expense of serving the needs of economically insecure working-class voters.

  • Farewell to Bob Hawke

    Frank Bongiorno     |      May 17, 2019

    On the cusp of probable re-election of a Labor government, Labor’s greatest leader of recent times has passed away.

  • The big kick off

    Frank Bongiorno     |      April 12, 2019

    History suggests that most governments are returned to power, but the polls have favoured Labor for months. As the election campaign kicks off, the only certainty is a cranky and mistrustful electorate.

  • Your time starts now: how leadership instability and revenge became woven into our political fabric

    Frank Bongiorno     |      August 22, 2018

    While Australia is one of the most stable democracies in the world, the churn of leaders in the highest office of the land seems to have become more incessant than ever.