• The value of leadership courage

    Gabrielle Davies     |      March 24, 2017

    Today’s leaders need to be skilled in navigating economic benefits, social values, shareholder expectations, obligations towards their employees and many more. Gabrielle Davies says the one constant in leadership is the need for courage.

  • Leadership – create today what we’ll need tomorrow

    Gabrielle Davies     |      February 24, 2017

    Today’s middle management often finds itself caught between compliance, processes and technology. Gabrielle Davies explains why personal skills are crucial for good leadership.

  • Digital employer @ work

    Gabrielle Davies     |      August 2, 2015

    Today we are launching a new forum on the future of jobs. In our first blog Gabrielle Davies introduces a new type of employer with a new approach to work.

  • Xanax or fingertips?

    Gabrielle Davies     |      July 17, 2015

    New technologies bring about major changes not only in our social and family interactions, but also in healthcare. Gabrielle Davies allows us a glimpse into a future of a healthier and better informed community.