• Under siege

    Geoff Heriot     |      May 15, 2024

    The growing cyber, foreign interference, and disinformation threat from hostile state and non-state actors motivates a call for Australia to use all tools of statecraft to help shape the information space.

  • A voice for the nation

    Geoff Heriot     |      April 16, 2023

    Australia should make better use of the ABC to promote its values and image abroad.

  • Information, disinformation and democracy in a volatile world

    Geoff Heriot     |      March 31, 2022

    We need to focus on the hard business of cyber defence as well as long-term trust-building and real-time information interventions to counter the attacks of hostile states on our democracy.

  • A better way to stay connected with the South Pacific

    Geoff Heriot     |      January 31, 2019

    DFAT’s new Office of the Pacific is being established to provide whole-of-government coordination, and is inviting secondments from the nation’s defence and security agencies. Hopefully, it will also reach out more widely to develop a meaningful communication strategy for Pacific engagement.