• Open letter to Parliamentarians: Dying without pain and with dignity

    Hani Montan     |      June 13, 2014

    Voluntary assisted dying is a sensitive topic that affects the whole of society. Hani Montan asks all members of states and federal Parliaments to reveal how they stand on this issue.

  • People VS the Environment

    Hani Montan     |      June 15, 2009

    Without population control environmentalism is doomed

    In the early stages of human history, the population and its interaction with the environment was at a sustainable level. Mental and physical capacities however, have allowed humans to live outside and in divergence from the law of ‘Maintenance of the balance in nature’, which normally applies to other species (Divergence from the law of balance in nature occurs in no other species besides the human). Around the world, the fast growth of population combined with the industrial revolution and urbanisation programs has tipped the balance against the environment.

  • Anti-Discrimination

    Hani Montan     |      May 6, 2009

    Education, and understanding history is essential to combatting racial discrimination  

  • Women on the March

    Hani Montan     |      March 13, 2009

    There should always be an equal place for women in all aspects of social and economic life, because their participation is essential for the spiritual and economic prosperity of every civilised nation.

  • Nationalism VS Patriotism

    Hani Montan     |      February 19, 2009

    Assimilation of migrant parents into society is an essential step towards the elimination of conflict with their children. Children want to belong and be part of society, rather than be isolated by antagonism.  

  • Religion & Euthanasia

    Hani Montan     |      January 6, 2009

    Legislation is needed to define doctors' obligations to turn off life-support systems when appropriate.

    Euthanasia and assisted suicide are issues that affect the whole of society, and can have a significant impact on family relationships. Euthanasia (either passive or active methods of ending life with the direct supervision of a doctor) and assisted suicide (a patient's actions to end their own life following advice from a doctor) are difficult decisions which deserve to be understood in terms of human rights, freedom and personal choice.

    It's abhorrent that our system imposes religious dogma upon non-religious people who are near death and want nothing to do with religious slogans, whilst enduring unbearable suffering at the end of their temporary existence.

  • Voluntary Voting System

    Hani Montan     |      December 3, 2008

    The current compulsory system of voting is a parody of democracy allowing the less-informed, manipulated, apathetic and emotionally motivated people to decide the outcome of elections.