• You are the product

    Mark Andrejevic     |      July 9, 2021

    A recent expose by the investigative journalists at The Markup revealed how Facebook uses detailed information about what people do online – the websites they visit and the search terms they use – to allow pharmaceutical companies to target people regarding medical conditions in which they’ve shown an interest.

  • When truth goes up in flames

    Mark Andrejevic     |      January 11, 2020

    The horrific tragedy of recent and ongoing Australian bushfires has highlighted the connection between threats to the natural environment and the media environment, through which misinformation and disinformation is spreading like, well, wildfire.

  • Will smart machines strip humans’ social skills?

    Mark Andrejevic     |      July 24, 2019

    After liberating us from “uncreative”, routine work and rote repetition, digital automation promises to relieve us of creativity and sociality itself – of the decisions that embody and reproduce our social and political commitments.