• Dissecting disruption

    Mark Triffitt     |      January 13, 2020

    When we join the dots on the upheavals of our time it becomes clearer we are in a transformational era and entering a pivotal period where order is pitted against freedom, and the need for adaption battles nostalgia for the past.

  • Voter aspiration powered the Coalition victory

    Mark Triffitt     |      May 24, 2019

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s message of aspirational individualism resonated with voters, leaving the polls behind and leaving Labor contemplating a reshaped agenda.

  • The last election where anyone cares?

    Mark Triffitt     |      May 18, 2019

    Faith in democracy is plummeting among Australians, and the connection voters had with a leader like Bob Hawke now seems out of reach. Is this the last election where enough people really care?

  • A debate needs more than sloganeering

    Mark Triffitt     |      May 1, 2019

    The first televised “debate” between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was dominated by the type of partisan sloganeering which turns voters off the election campaign.

  • “Fairness” vs “Strength” – The battle to frame the federal election

    Mark Triffitt     |      April 17, 2019

    Sloganeering has always been integral to elections, but this kind of messaging risks adding to the problem of voter disengagement.

  • A GFC 2.0 would remake the world in dangerous ways

    Mark Triffitt     |      November 2, 2018

    It may be comforting to listen to talk of temporary market corrections as stock prices fall, but the bigger question being asked by many market analysts and commentators isn’t if we are at risk of another Global Financial Crisis, but actually when the next crisis will happen.

  • The West’s age of defeat

    Mark Triffitt     |      August 26, 2018

    When historians look back on today, the central question will be why the seeming triumph of democratic liberalism after the Soviet collapse was so quickly frittered away.