• EU Justice Scoreboard long overdue

    Marta Conejo Sobrino     |      May 28, 2013

    The bureaucratic process of the legal system in Spain is notoriously lengthy and the record of charges dropped long. The new EU Justice Scoreboard is therefore long overdue, says Spanish journalist Marta Conejo Sobrino.

  • Spanish economy in crisis

    Marta Conejo Sobrino     |      April 30, 2013

    Some claim that the average Spaniard holds more wealth than a German. But after the property bubble imploded in 2008, Spain is still suffering from a weak economy and soaring unemployment rates, says Spanish journalist Marta Conejo Sobrino.

  • Bulls and Politics

    Marta Conejo Sobrino     |      September 13, 2010

    International coverage of the recent banning of bullfighting in Catalonia has focused on animal rights whilst largely ignoring the real domestic issues behind the story.

    European politics is too grey to make the news in Australia often. Spain though appears to be such an unimportant country that Catalonian Politicians must have thought they needed add some colour to attract attention. 

    So blood red it is. Very appropiate for the moment.

    The 28 July 2010 decision of Catalans to ban bullfighting is a joke.

    Catalonia, whose capital Barcelona is Spain's second largest city, has now followed the lead of the Canary Islands, which made the practice illegal in 1991. But the motives of the Catalonians differ from those of the Canaries.