• Fashioning the future

    Naoise McDonagh     |      April 13, 2024

    Whatever risks the Albanese government may face in encouraging cutting-edge manufacturing, it has avoided the much greater risk of doing nothing at all in the face of historic global economic change.

  • Standing together against economic coercion

    Naoise McDonagh     |      June 11, 2023

    Trusted supply-chains offer countries like Australia trade resilience and protection against economic coercion and Australia can trust its allies and partners when it comes to combating Chinese trade sanctions and economic coercion.

  • Friendshoring

    Naoise McDonagh     |      April 2, 2023

    Greater organisation for the protection of critical minerals industries from economic coercion is on the agenda for major nations, with China’s actions providing a catalyst. A key platform for the agenda will be May’s G7 summit in Hiroshima.