• To buy, to build, to share, to print – how do we make accommodation affordable?

    Russ Grayson     |      May 5, 2017

    All too often it is the economics of making housing affordable that is the focus; however, alternative forms of housing already exist and could be adapted for use in our towns and cities. This story introduces some of those models, both existing and new.

  • The community sector: Different types of leadership

    Russ Grayson     |      March 6, 2017

    We usually talk a lot about leadership in a business context, but what about the community or civil society level? Russ Grayson has met some of those social entrepreneurs.

  • Activating health through community enterprise

    Russ Grayson     |      November 30, 2016

    What determines healthy ageing and how can we improve the lives of Australia's growing number of people who, willingly or unwillingly, have left working life? Russ Grayson kicks off our Productive Ageing forum with some ideas on how to invest in individual and community self-help.

  • Healthy ageing through assisting communities

    Russ Grayson     |      October 26, 2016

    In Australia we have long relied on voluntary service to help our communities, but today’s hectic working lives serve as a brake on this voluntarism. Russ Grayson suggests paying retired people for skilled work to support under resourced volunteers.

  • Better solutions needed for older workers

    Russ Grayson     |      September 23, 2016

    The question of pension affordability comes up every so often in the political debate. Russ Grayson addresses some of the issues around raising the retirement age and offers solutions.

  • Is the “good food” movement morally superior and elitist?

    Russ Grayson     |      July 7, 2016

    Information overload and conflicting information around food leaves many people confused. Russ Grayson says food choices and claims about them can create social divisions.

  • Dairy farmers are hurting and so are those who buy milk

    Russ Grayson     |      May 30, 2016

    The current dairy industry crisis has exposed a longstanding dilemma: Australians on low incomes often have too little money to buy the higher cost food items the fair food advocates would prefer them to buy. Russ Grayson says instead of academic discourse we need to tackle food security and affordable access to good food for all.

  • When it comes to council complaints, where’s due process?

    Russ Grayson     |      January 22, 2015

    Here’s a little story about two planter boxes on a footpath, one complaint and the reaction of Randwick council. Russ Grayson says it’s time to bring due process, fairness and democracy to local government.

  • Cities feeding themselves

    Russ Grayson     |      April 29, 2014

    Community gardening is becoming part of a new social movement that is developing around our food supply. Russ Grayson from the Australian City Farm & Community Gardens Network says there is still a long way to go for planners to see the value of community gardens to urban food security and community development.