• Play it again, Dan

    Shaun Carney     |      November 28, 2022

    Despite a strong showing from the Green and other independents, Dan Andrews has been returned to power with a solid majority in Victoria, leaving the Liberals with yet more soul searching to do.

  • Will the real Labor party stand up?

    Shaun Carney     |      May 23, 2022

    Australia voted for change despite Labor’s campaign rather than because of it, given Anthony Albanese’s gaffes and insipid appeal to the electorate, so will a minority Labor government with less than a third of the primary vote develop a bolder agenda in power?

  • Here’s how to renew Australia’s democracy

    Shaun Carney     |      May 5, 2019

    Citizen juries, an independent speaker, and ensuring MPs get to sit with their opponents, not opposite them, are all proposals at the heart of a new push to improve how Australian democracy works.

  • Penny Wong on courage and political change

    Shaun Carney     |      November 4, 2018

    The McKinnon Prize in Political Leadership aims to recognise political leaders who’ve driven positive change and Labor senator Penny Wong hopes it will help politics reconnect with a disgruntled electorate.

  • Is our democracy broken?

    Shaun Carney     |      October 5, 2018

    While many Australians are still coming to terms with having five Prime Ministers in as many years, what does the future look like for the world’s sixth oldest continuous democracy?

  • Wanted: a trustworthy keeper of the truth

    Shaun Carney     |      May 21, 2018

    In this era of ‘fake news’, social media memes and declining budgets for traditional news sources, is there anyone left to act as a guardian of the truth in the reporting of contentious issues or current events?