• Biden in Asia

    Donald Emmerson     |      November 11, 2020

    Joe Biden’s immediate priority following his inauguration on 20 January 2021 will be domestic, difficult and crisis-driven, but Biden will begin his foreign policy by re-entering the world.

  • “Losing is never easy”

    Evita March     |      November 11, 2020

    If Donald Trump’s denial of the election result is a product of personal narcissism rather than political calculation then don’t hold your breath for an apology, let alone a graceful concession speech.

  • Can Biden heal a divided nation?

    Jared Mondschein     |      November 8, 2020

    Joe Biden has won the Presidency of the United States, although Donald Trump shows no sign of accepting the electorate’s democratic decision. Biden’s task will be to heal a bitterly divided nation, but he could just be the man for the job.

  • Trump’s poisonous legacy

    Claire Loughnan     |      November 8, 2020

    Donald Trump has lost the 2020 Presidential election, despite his refusal to concede, and part of his legacy will be a loss of faith in the office of the president – both as a leader and an institution.

  • Muddying the waters

    Kate Starbird     |      November 8, 2020

    President Trump and his coterie are still attempting to sow seeds of doubt in the American election process, hoping to play for time and have victory handed to them by a compliant Supreme Court, despite Biden’s victory in the Electoral College.

  • This bitter election damaged America’s global standing and the international liberal order

    Inderjeet Parmar     |      November 8, 2020

    Although the result has finally become clear in Biden’s favour, the fraught 2020 American presidential election crystallises the crises of both US power and the post-1945 liberal order.

  • Biden closes on the Presidency

    Michelle Grattan     |      November 7, 2020

    This week in US politics has proved a tough reminder of how good we have it in Australia. We have an electoral commission, compulsory voting, and a less divided society. As Michelle Grattan writes, “a strong political system has a calming effect”. But we shouldn’t get too cosy while watching the US election from abroad.

  • History shows a contested election won’t destroy American democracy

    Alexander Cohen     |      November 7, 2020

    President Trump’s bluster and bullying won’t be enough to save his Presidency and, despite his best attempts, won’t undermine American democracy, which has withstood far more serious challenges in the past.

  • Pennsylvania – The keystone state

    Todd Landman     |      November 7, 2020

    Whatever happens over the coming days, Pennsylvania once again is playing a key role in American political history. And it is likely to remain a key battleground state for presidential elections in years to come.

  • Why democratic legitimacy is now at stake

    Nadia Hilliard     |      November 6, 2020

    The United States will sit in limbo until the final results from swing states are in, but the Trump campaign has already begun to push this political battle into the courts should he lose, while the Biden campaign has promised to meet the challenge.

  • Political pragmatism, judicial geriatrics, and the decline of democracy

    Alex Maclaurin     |      November 4, 2020

    Hell hath no fury like a vested interest parading as a moral principle, but the hypocrisy of politicians in the USA and other western nations in promoting partisan interest in the name of the common good is undermining public faith in democratic institutions and, perhaps, democracy itself.

  • The final countdown

    Daniel Steedman     |      November 3, 2020

    The US election next week carries something of the whiff of a Las Vegas casino – bluff, bluster, and braggadocio. The stakes for the nation are perhaps higher than they’ve ever been and the entire electoral table is in play.