• With courage let us all combine

    editor     |      June 14, 2016

    It’s Refugee Week from 19 to 25 June 2016, where we are invited to celebrate positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society with theatre, music, dance, film and other events all over Australia.

  • All young people should have a voice

    Joann Fildes     |      June 8, 2016

    Mission Australia’s Youth Survey is currently open to all Australian young people aged 15 to 19 years. Dr Joann Fildes says we need to encourage young people to speak up and really listen to their views.

  • Australian Youth

    editor     |      June 1, 2016

    Young people identified alcohol and drugs, equity and discrimination, and the economy and financial matters as some of the most important issues in Australia today.

  • Can reflecting on the past help to design a better future?

    Ilana McCorquodale     |      May 25, 2016

    How can we promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace? With her “Beyond Bias” training group, Ilana McCorquodale from the Sydney Jewish Museum uses history as a gateway to teach and inspire.

  • ANZACs and sports stars: Room for both?

    Brigadier Tim Hanna AM     |      April 21, 2016

    Heroes come in many shapes and forms – on the sporting field, in emergency services, the general community and of course the military. For this year’s ANZAC Day Brigadier Tim Hanna says there is room in our society to respect the courage and determination of our forebears as well as that of today’s sports stars.

  • Who needs the anti-social grip of gambling?

    Leicester Warburton     |      April 19, 2016

    Gambling hopefuls are often prepared to venture big sums in the pursuit of a fortune the easy way – with sometimes tragic consequences. Leicester Warburton wonders how so many people can refuse to believe a mathematical fact.

  • Your heritage… pass it on!

    editor     |      April 18, 2016

    Australian Heritage Week runs from Saturday 16 April to Sunday 24 April. It is an annual event for Australians to join together and celebrate our unique and special heritage. All communities are encouraged to get involved by hosting a variety of activities to feature your local heritage to our nation.

  • Crafting a Culture: The importance of cultural fit when hiring staff

    Christine Khor     |      April 5, 2016

    Skills can be taught but culture fit can't. Christine Khor explains why it's so important to be clear about your company's values and culture.

  • Give Harmony A Chance – Finding Your Peace Within

    Sue Ellson     |      March 21, 2016

    Today is Harmony Day, which is all about cultural diversity, inclusiveness a sense of belonging for everyone. Sue Ellson says a good start to live harmoniously as a society is to be a little kinder to ourselves and be grateful for what we have.

  • Feedback is broken – and training is not enough to make change and shift cultures

    Georgia Murch     |      March 16, 2016

    Changing habits in an organisation does not happen overnight. Training programs are a good start, but how do we implement and sustain what we’ve learnt? Georgia Murch shares six steps to drive and maintain change.

  • Misogyny and male condescension alive and well

    Rose Stanley     |      February 22, 2016

    At the next party you attend, observe a few couples in their interactions. Notice anything? Rose Stanley does, over and over again.

  • Australian Expatriates could Advance Australia Fair on Australia Day

    Sue Ellson     |      January 24, 2016

    Are you an Australian living abroad? If you want to enjoy some Aussie traditions this Australia Day, Sue Ellson has a list of events for you. She also explains how Australia could benefit from an improved exchange of knowledge, skills and networks with expatriates.