• How can you be more human at work?

    Leah Sparkes     |      August 31, 2015

    Many workplaces are fear-based and overly competitive. Executive coach Leah Sparkes suggests to disrupt this culture and create a kinder and happier workplace.

  • Giving people dignity, whoever they are

    Fi Bendall     |      July 23, 2015

    Australia is successful at migration integration, but at the same time it is cruel towards asylum seekers. Fi Bendall's vision for Australia is for it to be a land of plenty for peoples of all races, which will need a significant attitude change.

  • It’s time to change it up

    editor     |      May 25, 2015

    National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is celebrated between 27 May and 3 June. It commemorates the anniversaries of the 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. The theme for NRW 2015 is: It’s time to change it up.

  • We need more female voices in creative arts

    Lissa Pascale     |      May 15, 2015

    Working in animation and visual effects is exciting but not family-friendly. Lissa Pascale says the world of film making needs more women at the top to create strong female roles beyond the merchandising of dolls and princess costumes.

  • Light, music and ideas

    editor     |      April 29, 2015

    This year’s Vivid festival will run from 22 May until 8 June 2015 in Sydney. For 18 days the city will be transformed with light, music and ideas.

  • How to live?

    editor     |      April 22, 2015

    The Sydney Writers’ Festival 2015 takes place from 18 to 24 May. It is an annual literary festival that includes author talks, conversations, film screenings, panels, readings, workshops and various events for children. This year’s theme is ‘How to live?’

  • An inclusive society for all

    The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP     |      April 1, 2015

    One of Australia’s greatest resources is the diversity of its population. The Hon Philip Ruddock MP says this demonstrates to the rest of the world that you can have a cohesive and inclusive society for all.

  • Your heritage… pass it on!

    editor     |      March 31, 2015

    Australian Heritage Week runs from 11-19 April. It is a national celebration of Australia’s shared heritage. All communities are encouraged to get involved with planning and hosting a range of activities to showcase local heritage to the rest of the country.

  • Celebrate your way

    Open Forum     |      January 22, 2015

    Whether you are having a picnic with your family, a barbeque with friends in the backyard or follow the Australian of the Year awards, Australia Day on the 26th of January is an occasion to come together as a nation and celebrate what’s great about Australia.

  • This is Sydney in Summer

    Open Forum     |      January 5, 2015

    Every January, Sydney celebrates culture and big ideas with the Sydney Festival. From 8 to 26 January there are around 370 performances and 100 events performed by over 700 artists in more than 30 venues. The program ranges from circus and cabaret over theatre and dance to opera, classical and contemporary music.

  • Looking back on 2014

    Svetlana Stankovic     |      December 23, 2014

    I would like to thank you, the Open Forum community, for your support and engagement throughout the year. You are instrumental in shaping this website with your blogs, ideas and comments.

  • Proudly Standing Up

    Gary Samowitz     |      December 1, 2014

    How will history judge us and our current response to desperate refugees? Gary Samowitz from Stand Up urges us to show compassion and put humanity at the core of the political debate.