• Are arts schools an endangered species?

    Sasha Grishin     |      September 12, 2020

    Decades of under-funding have left many Australian art schools in a perilous state. And the present political and intellectual hostility to the creative arts is threatening their very existence.

  • Incels, trolls and attack helicopters

    Open Forum     |      September 11, 2020

    While ‘trolls’ have been around almost as long as the Internet, researchers say ‘Incels’ are a more recent and distinctly different cyber sub-culture which warrants more study.

  • Why everyone should learn a musical instrument

    Ben Knight     |      August 31, 2020

    Learning and playing music has many benefits for people of every age, but not in the ways you might think.

  • Fighting the good fight

    Open Forum     |      July 26, 2020

    Giving the Devil His Due – Reflections of a Scientific Humanist, the latest book by American rationalist Michael Shermer, should be required reading for those who seek hope in reason in these troubled times.

  • A room made of leaves

    Kerrie Davies     |      July 19, 2020

    The newest novel from the author of The Secret River is an imagined diary, detailing the ‘true’ story of Elizabeth Macarthur.

  • Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods”

    Stephen Loosley     |      July 18, 2020

    Spike Lee’s new film film tells a vivid tale of African American life from the battlefields of Vietnam to a return to a civilian world ungrateful for their wartime service.

  • Burn-in: a novel of the real robotic revolution

    John T. Watts     |      June 20, 2020

    If you’d enjoy a thoughtful exploration of the complex implications oft technology in national security, this book will be well worth your time.

  • Why ‘the marketplace for ideas’ can fail

    Richard Holden     |      June 15, 2020

    Competition in the marketplace for ideas is different to competition in the market for ordinary goods and services and bad ideas don’t necessarily get left by the wayside.

  • The show must go on

    Stacy Holman Jones     |      May 30, 2020

    Musicians, dancers and live art performers have moved quickly to reimagine and adapt their creative pursuits under these challenging and uncertain conditions.

  • How will the arts recover from COVID-19?

    Paul Rae     |      May 24, 2020

    Working with the limitations and opportunities of online interfaces, artists whose careers survive the pandemic will emerge with an altered sense of what they do, and of their place in society.

  • Arts funding matters more than ever

    Charlotte Day     |      May 20, 2020

    People isolated during the COVID-19 crisis need the arts more than ever to feel connected with each other and society, but the collapse of employment and several institutions has also exposed the fragility of the sector.

  • Musicians band together online during COVID isolation

    Jessica Nelson     |      May 19, 2020

    While the global music industry is rapidly shifting in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, local musicians are finding innovative ways to continue collaborating and learning.