• Fighting foreign propaganda on social media

    Sarah Kendall     |      August 8, 2023

    The recent Senate committee on foreign interference through social media highlights the threats posed by Russian, Chinese and other hostile actors to Australian citizens and democracy.

  • We want to believe

    Barry Markovsky     |      July 28, 2023

    Whatever the truth behind the recent rash of UFO videos, their diffusion through social media offers an interesting case study in how beliefs spread and change through the population over time.

  • Brand X

    Cameron Shackell     |      July 27, 2023

    Elon Musk’s rebrand of Twitter to “X” may seem high risk, amateurish, or even capricious but it is also generating enormous global interest, pushing Twitter closer to his other X brands and clearing the way for a profitable merging of technologies.

  • Tackling misinformation through co-regulation

    Andrea Carson     |      July 16, 2023

    Australia’s new approach to tackling fake news on digital platforms involves more stick and less carrot than previously.

  • #Robodebt

    Ehsan Dehghan     |      July 9, 2023

    Twitter activists, rather than the traditional media, pushed the campaign to hold government ministers to account through a royal commission

  • Twitter v Threads

    Lisa Given     |      July 8, 2023

    Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk may or may not take their combat into the ring, but their social media empires are already fighting for supremacy.

  • Social media and political engagement

    Francesco Bailo     |      June 16, 2023

    Social media has undermined democracy in liberal Western states but authoritarian governments also see the political turbulence from uncontrolled information systems as a potential blaze that must be kept under strict control.

  • Don’t feed the beast

    Marc Cheong     |      May 13, 2023

    Don’t let tech giants’ bottom line dictate how you engage with social media. By being aware of how algorithms work, what they’re capable of and what their purpose is, you can make the shift from being a sitting duck for advertisers to an active curator of your own feeds.

  • Threats to press freedom from AI to Z

    Open Forum     |      May 7, 2023

    High quality journalism is vital to the health of every free society, but the traditional press faces ever more threats from Russian propagandists to the threat of junk content churned out by AI.

  • Journalism on the front lines of freedom

    Peter Greste     |      May 4, 2023

    Autocrats know that controlling the media is the first step in controlling the population. It’s why journalists are increasingly in the firing line.

  • Alone in Australia

    Lisa Williams     |      May 4, 2023

    Alone Australia is the latest Australian version of a hit foreign show, and the winner will have to show the mental grit, physical endurance and survival skills which have secured victory for winners on the American and Scandinavian shows.

  • The fight for press freedom is a fight for us all

    Shahirah Hamid     |      May 3, 2023

    Journalists are threatened by more than ChatGPT, declining ad revenues and litigation happy celebrities. Over 1,200 journalists were killed around the world between 2006 and 2020, with nearly 90% of these cases bringing nobody to justice for these crimes.