• Why governments declare war on “big tech”

    Freya Zemek     |      October 27, 2019

    The Australian government loves to hate on “big tech”, but domestic skirmishes over the amount of power these firms hold and their evasion of tax and moral responsibility have deeper roots and global dimensions.

  • Meet the man who built a new field of chemistry

    Daryl Holland     |      October 20, 2019

    Back in the 1990s, Professor Richard Robson created a new class of coordination polymers, and his models have since inspired an entirely new field of chemistry with a host of practical applications.

  • Industry funded research vs the truth

    Lisa Bero     |      October 14, 2019

    Medical and scientific research is increasingly funded by commercial companies looking to promote their own agenda, and other scientists, policy makers and the public should remain wary of findings paid for by vested interests.

  • Unlocking the secret to changing our minds

    Elliot Lawry     |      October 13, 2019

    New research tracks the neural patterns that allow us to change our minds in the hope that understanding this process could help make people make better decisions in life, business and government.

  • Uncovering the first life on Earth

    Open Forum     |      September 27, 2019

    UNSW scientists have found that Western Australia’s famous 3.5-billion-year-old stromatolites contain microbial remains of some of the earliest life on Earth.

  • How reliable are roadside drug tests?

    Open Forum     |      September 22, 2019

    Thousands of people are prosecuted every year in Australia for cannabis use while driving, however research at the University of Sydney suggests the test isn’t as accurate as thought.

  • The perils of facial recognition technology

    Birgit Schippers     |      August 25, 2019

    Activists, politicians, academics and even police forces are expressing serious concerns over the impact facial recognition could have on a political culture based on rights and democracy.

  • Taking back our online privacy

    Katharine Kemp     |      August 21, 2019

    An entire industry exists to profile your life from your online data – everything from your shopping habits to your political views and medical conditions – and the results can cause genuine harm.

  • Becoming a STEM-inist

    Amy Shepherd     |      August 20, 2019

    When PhD candidate Amy Shepherd began her career in science, she didn’t dream that within a few years she’d be rubbing shoulders with Nobel Prize winners but still wondering where all the women are.

  • What’s the next big thing in science?

    Anders Furze     |      August 14, 2019

    As National Science Week celebrates scientific discovery across Australia, we ask what’s likely to be the ‘next big thing’ in some of the most exciting fields of science research.

  • 5G isn’t going to harm our health

    Sarah Loughran     |      August 5, 2019

    Should we be concerned about the health effects of 5G? The short answer is no – there’s no substantiated evidence that the electromagnetic energy used by mobile telecommunications causes harm.

  • Nature inspires visionary research

    Open Forum     |      August 5, 2019

    Insects are inspiring University of South Australia researchers to create new technology based on their extraordinary vision.