• Q&A – Debunking the 5G conspiracy theory

    Rodney Croft     |      April 14, 2020

    The absurd idea that new 5G mobile data technology might be responsible for causing or spreading the coronavirus has led to cell-towers being attacked in Britain and elsewhere. In this article, radiation expert Professor Rodney Croft from the University of Wollongong answers your questions and debunks the conspiracy.

  • 5G isn’t going to harm our health

    Sarah Loughran     |      August 5, 2019

    Should we be concerned about the health effects of 5G? The short answer is no – there’s no substantiated evidence that the electromagnetic energy used by mobile telecommunications causes harm.

  • The West needs a new technology strategy

    Mike Rogers     |      July 12, 2019

    There have been many waves of life-changing technology through human history, and the new wave of 6G and artificial intelligence will be equally transformative.

  • Will 5G networks endanger public health?

    Thomas Siddle     |      May 11, 2019

    Rather than rushing to implement metropolitan 5G networks, or focusing only on the technological, consumer and business opportunities they may provide, Australian policy makers must remember their first duty to protect the public and ensure the new system is safe to use.