• A voice for the nation

    Geoff Heriot     |      April 16, 2023

    Australia should make better use of the ABC to promote its values and image abroad.

  • Beware the Ides of March

    Malcolm Crompton     |      March 17, 2022

    Starting on 15 March, the ABC is compelling everybody who wants to use its iView platform to have a login. The broadcaster offers no choice and no opt-out except to cease using iView.

  • With Justin Milne gone, how does the ABC go about restoring its crucial independence?

    Andrew Dodd     |      October 1, 2018

    The high profile departures of senior ABC figures won’t have been in vain if more awareness emerges about the fragility and importance of the national broadcaster’s editorial independence.

  • Why the ABC must stand firm against threats to its independence

    Denis Muller     |      July 15, 2018

    Editorial independence does not mean giving journalists licence to broadcast or publish whatever they want or to avoid accountability for their mistakes. It means encouraging journalists to tackle important stories regardless of what people in power might think.