• An awfully big adventure

    Samuel Holleran     |      April 19, 2022

    While the ethical and moral questions raised by our mortality might be difficult to address in real life, there’s a long tradition of exploring them through art and culture.

  • Remembering two giants of Australian art

    Catherine Speck     |      January 24, 2022

    Australia lost two important artworld figures in the last ten days – both were senior artists working in Adelaide but with a reach extending far beyond the city or the nation.

  • Titian’s “The Death of Actaeon” and the capriciousness of fate

    Alastair Blanshard     |      August 1, 2021

    Great art, such as Titian’s The Death of Actaeon shows that disasters should not make us despair, but rather celebrate the preciousness of life while we have it.

  • An eye for difference

    Simon Cropper     |      July 19, 2021

    Please do not adjust your sets, normal service will not be resumed because dream, hallucination or reality are all a product of the same thing – your brain.

  • Face to face

    Tyne Sumner     |      July 11, 2021

    New research looks at how the human face is represented in writing from the medieval to contemporary eras, revealing how we have interpreted human emotion for centuries.

  • F is for fake – and fortune

    Alan Stevenson     |      March 26, 2021

    Art forgery has been a lucrative trade down the ages, but do its victims only have their own greed to blame?

  • Can AI create art?

    Ben Knight     |      March 20, 2021

    As machines become more sophisticated, will artificial intelligence be the evolution or the end of art?

  • Arvanitakis on Education: The power of art – reflections on the Precious Treasures exhibition

    James Arvanitakis     |      February 13, 2021

    At a time of increasing political and economic tension between China and Australia, art retains the power to build personal bridges and foster cultural understanding.

  • Arnhem Land Maliwawa rock art opens window to past

    Open Forum     |      October 2, 2020

    Stunning Arnhem Land rock art images including three rare depictions of bilbies and a dugong have been described by researchers in a new paper in Australian Archaeology.

  • How will the arts recover from COVID-19?

    Paul Rae     |      May 24, 2020

    Working with the limitations and opportunities of online interfaces, artists whose careers survive the pandemic will emerge with an altered sense of what they do, and of their place in society.

  • Shots fired in the culture wars

    Heidi Harrington Johnson     |      February 10, 2020

    UNSW Associate Professor Lizzie Muller is urging the arts sector to come together to fight for the arts in schools after the federal arts department was amalgamated into another portfolio.

  • Art is good for your health

    Open Forum     |      December 28, 2019

    Regular visits to museums, art galleries, the theatre or concerts is linked to a longer life, according to a new study in Britain.