• White reef grief

    Open Forum     |      April 18, 2024

    The summer of 2023−24 saw substantial climate driven impacts across the Great Barrier Reef, with widespread coral bleaching, two cyclones and several severe flood events.

  • The reef’s baby boom is the key to its salvation

    Open Forum     |      November 27, 2021

    The Great Barrier Reef is booming with new life after the world’s biggest reproductive event – coral spawning – delivered Southern Cross University’s Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison a narrow window to help secure its future.

  • Saving the reef needs a sea change in tactics

    Jon Brodie     |      May 4, 2018

    The government’s announcement of $500 million for the Great Barrier Reef is welcome, but the new funding is focused on measures that are already in the foreground. Australia actually needs a sea change in tactics to save the reef from destruction.