• 5 ways to seed STEM skills in young children

    Kym Simoncini     |      April 6, 2018

    Parents can help their young children develop the curiosity and thinking skills they’ll need to succeed in STEM subjects by cultivating the right approach early in life.

  • 5 simple tips to help our kids cope and prosper

    Don Tustin     |      March 12, 2018

    Psychologist Don Tustin says many of his adult clients would not be experiencing mental health issues now if they had learned better coping skills between the ages of four and eight.

  • Education in the spotlight on International Women’s Day

    Robert Dunn     |      March 8, 2018

    International Women’s Day on 8 March offers an opportunity to reaffirm the pivotal role of education plays in helping the most marginalised women and girls progress out of poverty.

  • Australia’s child and youth report card – Could do better

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2018

    The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth urge state and federal government to prioritise the problems facing young Australians as a new report finds Australia in the middle of the pack on most key measures of childhood well-being.

  • Legal parentage and surrogacy – more inconsistency?

    Cressida Limon     |      February 20, 2018

    Confusion around legal parentage and surrogacy arrangements is continuing to cause conflict between Australian domestic public policy in relation to ‘commercial surrogacy’ and the child’s best interests. UWS law lecturer Dr Cressida Limon explores recent developments.

  • Inter-country adoption – a decade of decline

    Nigel Holden     |      December 12, 2017

    Inter-country adoption has become an increasingly challenging pathway to parenthood for Australians. Fewer adoptions, longer waiting periods, and a greater percentage of children with complex and special needs are now the norm. Adoption advocate Nigel Holden shares his experience of becoming a father through inter-country adoption.

  • Adoption – growing concerns

    Melissa Tinggee     |      November 27, 2017

    The number of children in Out of Home Care grows considerably each year yet the number of domestic adoptions taking place remains stagnant. Currently navigating the process to first-time parenthood is Melissa Tinggee, who shares her comments for Adoption Awareness Month.