• Screen time?

    Open Forum     |      November 23, 2021

    Genomics England has announced a pilot programme of whole genome sequencing to screen for genetic diseases in 200,000 healthy seeming newborns, so should every newborn baby have their whole genome sequenced as a matter of course? 

  • Solving the genomic jigsaw puzzle of health

    Open Forum     |      January 24, 2020

    A DNA database of thousands of healthy older Australians is set to change how we determine which genes may underpin a range of chronic and acute diseases.

  • New database enhances genomics research collaboration

    Open Forum     |      November 6, 2019

    Sharing datasets that reveal the function of genomic variants in health and disease has become easier with the launch of a new, open-source database developed by Australian and North American researchers.

  • Bringing the power of genomics to patients

    Clara Gaff     |      April 11, 2019

    Associate Professor Clara Gaff explains her life long interest in genetics and the potential for genomic testing to unlock exciting new treatments in the future.