• Albanese needs to walk the talk on Labor’s integrity issue

    Michelle Grattan     |      October 15, 2021

    The Labor leader has campaigned relentlessly against the government on a range of integrity issues and so to soft pedal on his party’s own ‘branch stacking’ scandal smacks of double standards and a failure of leadership.

  • What now for Federal Labor?

    Paul Strangio     |      October 12, 2021

    Anthony Albanese is more popular than some of his predecessors, but voters also don’t have a clear sense of who he is and what he offers.

  • Nuance and nostalgia

    Frank Bongiorno     |      November 15, 2019

    The internal report on Labor’s election debacle bemoans the party’s tendency to become the vehicle for various interests with diverse grievances at the expense of serving the needs of economically insecure working-class voters.

  • The death of a “grievance-based organisation”

    Michelle Grattan     |      November 13, 2019

    Did Labor really lose the Federal election “because of a weak strategy that could not adapt to the change in Liberal leadership, a cluttered policy agenda that looked risky and an unpopular leader”.

  • What next for Labor?

    Michelle Grattan     |      May 25, 2019

    Anthony Albanese will face some tricky choices given the need to redouble Labor’s appeal to middle class suburbia while keeping left wing and progressive activists on board.