• Let’s stop logging for landfill

    Chris Taylor     |      April 24, 2019

    Almost all native forest logging in Victoria is for woodchips, pulp and pallets, which have short lifespans before going to landfill. Using plantation produced wood would help protect native forests and the large amounts of carbon they can store.

  • Logging must stop in Melbourne’s biggest water supply catchment

    David Lindenmayer     |      November 18, 2018

    The Thomson Catchment is the only one of Melbourne’s large water supply catchments open to logging. Given the critical importance of the Thomson Catchment, the Victorian government needs to cease logging and prioritise the supply of water to the people of Melbourne.

  • Proposed NSW logging laws threaten vulnerable species

    Oisín Sweeney     |      June 20, 2018

    Controversial proposals to intensify logging in New South Wales’ public forests threatens the survival of threatened species and the long term health of our precious natural environment.

  • Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

    Chris Taylor     |      May 18, 2018

    Rather than ‘hazard reduction burns’, a large proportion of the smoke which has fouled Melbourne this autumn was produced by the intensive burning of debris left behind after clearfell logging. This is essentially industrial pollution.