• Crafting mentally healthy workplaces

    Victoria Tichá     |      May 5, 2022

    Prevention is a crucial aspect of addressing mental health in the workplace, and it starts with organisational culture, says UNSW Business School’s Frederik Anseel.

  • Breaking through to the other side

    Open Forum     |      December 12, 2021

    Neuromedicine-assisted psychotherapies are offering new hope in the treatment of mental illness.

  • Early intervention is no panacea for young people’s mental health

    Open Forum     |      November 10, 2021

    Two thirds of young people with emerging mental disorders who attended primary care-based early intervention services remained poor or deteriorated over two years of care, according to research published by the Medical Journal of Australia.

  • What is Delta doing to our mental health?

    Diane Nazaroff     |      August 26, 2021

    A UNSW expert on post-traumatic stress and anxiety explains why this year’s lockdown is affecting everyone – and especially vulnerable groups – differently.

  • Doing good, feeling bad, getting better

    Open Forum     |      July 15, 2021

    Social entrepreneurs are driven by a tenacity that goes beyond revenue and profit, but the difficult problems they face means their own mental health and wellbeing can be threatened.

  • A helping hand for mothers

    Open Forum     |      June 10, 2021

    Recognising the symptoms of maternal anxiety and depression can be difficult, but a new app developed by the University of South Australia and parent support group Village Foundation will help thousands of women monitor their mental health during pregnancy and after birth.

  • Medical workers face mental health crisis

    Sean Farrell     |      May 25, 2021

    Frontline medical workers across the world are more stressed, anxious and making poorer decisions, and they’re unconsciously telling us through their social media posts.

  • Hubs of hope

    Christine Grove     |      April 6, 2021

    Developing specialist youth mental health hubs could help stem the tide of mental health issues facing young people.

  • Transforming mental health care through lived experience

    Victoria Palmer     |      March 21, 2021

    By co-designing mental health care with people who have lived experience, researchers aim to rebuild Australia’s care system.

  • Mental health pilot program expands to more primary schools

    Open Forum     |      March 16, 2021

    A pilot trial of a primary school-based mental health program will be expanded to an additional 16 Victorian schools in 2021 following a successful first year of operation.

  • Art of the mind

    Open Forum     |      December 9, 2020

    Artistic mediums such as visual art, music, dance and creative writing can help people recovering from mental health issues to share their stories and gain confidence and understanding of their illness.

  • Heads up on mental health

    Suresh Sundram     |      November 25, 2020

    If there’s ever been a time for a paradigm shift in the way we conceptualise mental health and treat mental illness, it’s now.