• Wake up sheeple

    Lachlan Gilbert     |      September 24, 2021

    Information may be changing as quickly as the COVID-19 virus mutates, but being open and transparent about it fosters trust and social cohesion despite a flood of misinformation online.

  • We need herd immunity against vaccine misinformation

    Open Forum     |      May 14, 2021

    A new study published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE revealed over 103 million people globally liked, shared, retweeted or reacted with an emoji to misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Defending democracies from disinformation and foreign interference

    Danielle Cave     |      April 23, 2021

    Democracies can take steps to mitigate the risks of cyber-enabled foreign interference, and increase their power by banding together to attribute, raise costs and deter interference by hostile states.

  • Fact-checking the fact-checkers: Platforms are failing the misinformation test

    Andrew Moshirnia     |      April 22, 2021

    Social media platforms still aren’t doing enough to tackle the misinformation spread by bots, foreign propagandists and conspiracy peddlers.

  • Vaccinating against misinformation

    Australian Academy of Science     |      January 17, 2021

    Australia’s top scientists urge Australians to continue to consult reputable sources of evidence-based information about COVID-19 vaccines.

  • China’s COVID origins cover-up

    Open Forum     |      January 15, 2021

    The Chinese Communist Party continues to resist attempts to investigate the origins of COVID-19 and persecute citizens who told the truth about it, while pushing falsehoods through its worldwide media machine.

  • Why it’s so hard to fight online misinformation

    Rosalie Gillett     |      April 15, 2020

    Before sharing something, think carefully about where it came from. Verify the source and its evidence, double-check with independent other sources, and report suspicious content to the platform directly. Now, more than ever, we need information we can trust.

  • The virus of misinformation

    Elise Thomas     |      March 28, 2020

    Chinese and Russian propaganda which skews the Coronavirus outbreak against the West is being shared and spread by Western conspiracy theorists and threatens to undermine the fight against the disease, as well as rewrite its origins to turn fact into fiction.

  • When truth goes up in flames

    Mark Andrejevic     |      January 11, 2020

    The horrific tragedy of recent and ongoing Australian bushfires has highlighted the connection between threats to the natural environment and the media environment, through which misinformation and disinformation is spreading like, well, wildfire.