• The bitter truth about sugar

    Open Forum     |      November 27, 2022

    New research shows that two thirds of all packaged foods on supermarket shelves contain added sugars and that food manufacturers make it as hard as they can for consumers to identify them.

  • A sweet solution to bad diets

    Sarah Mounsey     |      September 30, 2022

    Taxes on sugary drinks around the world are reducing the health impacts of a poor diet.

  • A sweet solution to the sugar problem

    Julie Brimblecombe     |      October 13, 2020

    Away from the glare of metropolitan Australian cities and research centres a unique experiment helped reduce sugar consumption in the far north of the country.

  • Does switching to ‘diet’ soft drinks really improve your health?

    Open Forum     |      May 16, 2018

    A University of Sydney study that models a full sugar to diet soft drink switch in rats suggests swapping to artificially sweetened drinks may help improve the metabolic and cognitive impairments that high sugar consumption can exacerbate.