• Supporting teacher wellbeing

    Kay Harrison     |      February 9, 2024

    Children are the focus as the new school year begins, but the wellbeing of teachers is receiving increasing attention, not least within the Australian Government’s National Teacher Workforce Action Plan and the Australian Teacher Workforce.

  • Early Childhood Royal Commission may boost teaching opportunities

    Open Forum     |      August 23, 2023

    South Australia’s preschool teacher workforce may be due for a shakeup after the final report from the Early Childhood Royal Commission is released.

  • Resilience and retention in the teaching profession

    Hugh Gundlach     |      May 3, 2023

    Much has been written about the need to attract more people into the teaching profession, but measures to increase teacher’s resilience and ensure they stay in the profession would go a long way to address current staff shortages in the nation’s schools.

  • Teaching under a tree

    Open Forum     |      March 29, 2023

    As primary schools continue to invest in purpose-built nature play spaces, experts are encouraging teachers to deliver more of the curriculum in outdoor areas, to boost students’ wellbeing and development and to maximise the use of play spaces.

  • Effective learning depends on good teaching

    Open Forum     |      February 22, 2023

    Plenty of homework, small classroom sizes and a long school day are often seen as the mark of a successful school – but research shows the number one factor that impacts learning is engaging teaching.

  • How we can stop losing teachers

    Fiona Longmuir     |      January 31, 2023

    COVID-19 exposed existing cracks in the teaching profession which need to be fixed urgently.

  • Easing stress for teachers in schools

    Caroline Mansfield     |      June 6, 2022

    If our children in high school can feel stressed and over-worked, then so can their teachers, but there are ways to reduce the burdens they face and release more of their energy for actual teaching.

  • Top teaching tips in two minutes

    Merlin Crossley     |      December 20, 2021

    A new online resource to guide and inspire university teachers is helping to build an academic community that recognises good teaching practice.

  • Making better use of Australia’s top teachers

    Peter Goss     |      February 13, 2020

    Making better use of our top teachers can help guide other teachers to take a similar path to help Australian students catch up with their international peers.

  • Good teaching relationships boost exam results

    Open Forum     |      September 4, 2019

    A UNSW study has shown that students’ relationships with teachers have a major impact on their engagement in schooling and that the good relationships outweigh the bad.

  • There’s still a place for ‘explicit instruction’ in schools

    Lorraine Hammond     |      April 15, 2019

    Although modern teaching methods have long emphasised ‘discovery’ and ‘active learning’, there’s still a place for ‘explicit instruction’ in Australian classrooms, particularly when background knowledge is low and the task is difficult.

  • Teaching for tomorrow

    Michael McQueen     |      February 4, 2019

    Students in classrooms today will enter a world very different to the one their teachers and parents have known. In light of the uncertainty that lies ahead, it is more important than ever that educators keep their finger on the pulse of technological and societal trends to help students prepare for them.