• Boardroom blitz

    Open Forum     |      April 29, 2024

    A new report has revealed the extent to which Australian universities’ governing bodies have become stacked with unelected big business appointees.

  • Universities face a cash crunch

    Anthony Welch     |      April 26, 2024

    Government plans to reduce the number of overseas students are forcing the Australian universities which have come to depend on their fees to contemplate opening more branches abroad.

  • Varsity blues

    Gwilym Croucher     |      April 8, 2024

    Universities should be drivers of educated debate, so if civil society is increasingly fractious, divided and dumbed down, have they been doing their job?

  • University blues

    Andrew Norton     |      November 3, 2023

    Australia’s universities have enjoyed explosive growth over the last thirty years, but critics argue this influx of international and domestic students have inflated revenues at the cost of academic standards and integrity.

  • Making the most of university knowledge

    Duncan Ivison     |      August 30, 2023

    Given recent scandals with the big four consulting firms, the government should look to tap the knowledge and expertise in our university system and revitalise the public service.

  • Education in the age of ChatGPT

    Sam Kirshner     |      March 25, 2023

    The potential impact of AI chatbots such as ChatGPT on education is nothing short of remarkable, causing many educators to reflect on the very purpose of university education.

  • The distributed university

    Richard Heller     |      February 25, 2022

    While much of the university experience lies in the social aspect of leaving home and interacting with your peers, tertiary education facilities will increasingly move online to boost student numbers while reducing costs.

  • Interdisciplinary nonsense

    Paul Griffiths     |      February 18, 2022

    Interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary are all too common buzzwords, but talk of “breaking down the barriers” between traditional subjects in the nation’s universities isn’t always a good thing.

  • Australian universities will still need Asian students

    Peter Hurley     |      March 3, 2021

    If the international education sector can find its way through this year, then its prospects are much better for 2022 and beyond.

  • Australia’s university funding crisis

    Open Forum     |      August 15, 2020

    Australia’s higher education sector needs significant reform to remove the perverse incentives that have made universities dependent on revenue from international students.

  • An open letter to Dan Tehan

    Open Forum     |      July 24, 2020

    More than 70 of Australia’s Laureate professors have signed a letter to the minister for education, Dan Tehan, outlining the flaws in the proposed university reforms.

  • Why business backs the humanities

    Susan Forde     |      June 22, 2020

    Understanding the humanities, social sciences and human communication holds the key to a viable future, and increasing the price of such degrees could hit our business competitiveness.