• Women still see politics as a male-dominated domain

    Open Forum     |      April 17, 2024

    Despite growing momentum to increase female representation in Australia’s national parliament, it continues to be a male dominated domain. New research from Monash University explores why young women still feel reluctant to become a member of the national parliament.

  • Women in politics

    Intifar Chowdhury     |      March 13, 2024

    Despite Australia’s claim to egalitarianism, achieving equal political participation and representation remains a formidable challenge for women.

  • Women in politics

    Andrea Carson     |      February 14, 2024

    Women bring unique strengths to politics and decades of research shows that everyone benefits from greater female participation, so what more can be done to encourage women to enter the political sphere?

  • Women take command in the High Court

    Kcasey McLoughlin     |      October 19, 2022

    In appointing Justice Jayne Jagot to the High Court, the Albanese government has made history as, for the first time, the court will have a majority of women on its bench.

  • How Australian women influenced the 2022 Election

    Chelsea Wilson     |      June 10, 2022

    The election of a Labor Government will not magically fix the systemic and enduring discrimination against women in the home and workplace, but a record number of female and First Nations members in cabinet and government is an excellent place to start.