• That sinking feeling

    Andrew Davies     |      January 14, 2022

    The vulnerability of surface ships to attacks by air and submarine has been clear since the Second World War and Australia’s small number of high value naval assets might be exposed in any future conflict with a sophisticated adversary.

  • To defeat the few

    Andrew Davies     |      September 2, 2021

    A new study of the iconic Battle of Britain in 1940 analyses the fight for air supremacy between the RAF and the Luftwaffe through the lens of modern air combat.

  • Do it right in defence

    Andrew Davies     |      August 2, 2019

    Australia must think hard about the capabilities that will best enable our forces to prosecute the most vital missions against our most likely adversaries.

  • Mastering social media later in life

    Andrew Davies     |      January 24, 2013

    Defence analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Andrew Davies, shares his discovery of social media and the benefits of becoming tech-savvy, albeit a little later in his career.