• World peace (and how we can achieve it)

    Mark Beeson     |      October 11, 2019

    A new book by security expert Alex Bellamy is a ‘must read’ for anyone with even a passing interest in the theory and, more importantly, the possible practice of world peace.

  • Australia’s expanding navy helps us play a larger regional role

    Brendan Nicholson     |      October 9, 2019

    The Royal Australian Navy is building relationships with allies and gaining experience in an increasingly complex and uncertain Indo-Pacific region.

  • Cyber security and great power politics in the age of AI

    Ashok Sharma     |      October 7, 2019

    Artificial Intelligence and cyber warfare are emerging as key components in great power rivalry. The international community needs to act fast to develop legal and political frameworks that can mitigate their worst effects.

  • Lessons from the ANU cyberattack

    Michael Shoebridge     |      October 6, 2019

    Australian National University Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt’s public release of a detailed report on the damaging cyberattack on ANU systems and data marks a refreshing shift in behaviour on cybersecurity for Australian public institutions.

  • Beijing’s show of military might is a wake-up call for Australia

    Malcolm Davis     |      October 5, 2019

    The massive military parade on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China was a clear demonstration of China’s increasing desire to project power across the Pacific.

  • A cold, hard reality check on Antarctica

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      September 23, 2019

    The Antarctic Treaty System is a consensus arrangement that has been in place for more than 50 years but this Cold War peace agreement is inadequate to respond to the security challenges of the 2020s.

  • Let’s “think different” about national security

    Ewen Levick     |      September 16, 2019

    We know what the future of our region looks like, but unless we start thinking about how we think, that knowledge may not be enough to help us cope with it.

  • Cyber strategy 2.0

    Fergus Hanson     |      September 12, 2019

    Back in 2016, Australia launched its first national cybersecurity strategy and the government has just launched a discussion paper to kick off the public consultation on its successor.

  • Why the fifth domain is different

    Lesley Seebeck     |      September 6, 2019

    Cyber-warfare has joined land, sea, air and space as a domain of global conflict. Rather than continuing to talk about simply operating in the fifth domain, we should be thinking about shaping it, and shaping it to our interests.

  • Organised crime is testing Australia’s onshore migration program

    John Coyne     |      September 2, 2019

    Operation Sovereign Borders has reduced the number of irregular migrants dying at sea and stemmed the flow of people-smuggling ventures to Australia. Unfortunately, this success has come at great cost to our nation’s finances, and possibly our humanity.

  • Rethinking Australia’s food security

    Paul Barnes     |      August 28, 2019

    Australia needs to adopt a more coherent approach to the critically important convergence of food security, climate change and national security.

  • Food will decide the human future

    Julian Cribb     |      August 27, 2019

    Our future supply of food is filled with risk, and history tells us that lack of food leads to conflict. In his new book “Food or War” Australian author Julian Cribb calls for a new food system capable of meeting global needs on our increasingly hot and overcrowded planet.