• Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

    Andrew Henderson     |      July 6, 2024

    Eggs are the latest staple food to be in short supply in Australia’s supermarkets, amplifying calls for a proper food security strategy.

  • A national food plan

    Andrew Henderson     |      March 20, 2024

    Australia enjoys natural strategic advantages in terms of geography, resources, and our ability to produce and export food. We should use those advantages to underpin the stability and security of our region.

  • Australian food security

    Andrew Henderson     |      October 21, 2023

    Australia’s ability to produce it, process it and export it shouldn’t be taken for granted, nor should our ability to get what we want, when we want from a supermarket shelf.

  • A more resilient food supply

    Andrew Henderson     |      May 18, 2023

    Australian agriculture is efficient, safe, and reliable and can play a large role in meeting growing demand in international markets.

  • It never rains but it pours

    Andrew Henderson     |      November 19, 2022

    The cumulative effect of problems from bushfires and floods to the pandemic and economic woes is eroding our ability to respond and exhausting our emergency management response systems.

  • Is Australia prepared for foot-and-mouth disease?

    Andrew Henderson     |      July 16, 2022

    Foot-and-Mouth diseases was detected last week in the tourist hotspot of Bali, closer to mainland Australia than it has been in the 130 years since it was last eradicated.

  • Boosting biosecurity

    Andrew Henderson     |      June 16, 2022

    Access to sufficient safe and nutritious food is a security necessity and so Australian must dispense with the ‘she’ll be right’ approach that has plagued our broader attitude to biosecurity policy for too long.