• Resilience – To be or not to be

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2021

    To strengthen our resilience on a global national and individual levels, we should all join forces and work together but leadership will be required to translate this vision into reality.

  • The time for resilience is now

    Shane Fitzsimmons     |      February 16, 2021

    What makes a good leader? NSW Resilience Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons spoke on leadership traits at the GAP Virtual Summit on National Resilience.

  • Stronger healthcare after COVID-19

    Tony Lawson     |      February 10, 2021

    A new report issued by Consumers Health Forum of Australia argues the health system’s recovery from COVID-19 must focus on those most affected, build stronger communities and embrace innovation to make Australia more resilient in the face of future crises.

  • Working together to create a more resilient Australia

    Open Forum     |      February 2, 2021

    Speaking at the GAP Summit on National Resilience, Australia’s Ambassador to the USA, Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO, stressed the need for equality of opportunity and greater social inclusion to unlock the talents of Australia’s diverse citizens and communities.

  • The GAP Summit on Australian resilience

    Open Forum     |      January 18, 2021

    The final report from ‘A Vision for Australia 2020’ GAP Summit, released today, examines the issues of national resilience and ways to safeguard Australia against future threats.

  • 5 ways to build hope this year

    Jacqueline Mattis     |      January 10, 2021

    We live in turbulent times, and after a torrid 2020, the New Year has begun with even more shocks and surprises. Cultivating a sense of individual hope and resilience can help people weather difficult times and improve the prospects for others.

  • Learning to learn from failure

    Ben Newell     |      December 26, 2020

    It’s important to embrace mistakes, and to make more than a few. It’s the only way to be sure we are really learning.

  • Rethinking threats to our national security

    Brendan Nicholson     |      December 2, 2020

    Building sovereign manufacturing capabilities, diversifying our trade from China and facing the reality of climate change are all important parts of building a more resilient Australia.

  • A new dawn for disaster management

    Paul Barnes     |      November 18, 2020

    Effective disaster risk reduction focuses heavily on prevention and preparedness capacities, but it also implies coordination between state and federal agencies.

  • Bushfire royal commission warns of ‘alarming disaster outlook’

    Robert Glasser     |      November 6, 2020

    The Royal Commission on last summer’s bushfires has warned of the danger of future events, but makes no mention of the need to tackle climate change.

  • Building a more resilient Australia

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      November 5, 2020

    On 6 November, Global Access Partners’ eleventh Annual Summit ‘A Vision for Australia’ will bring together the expertise and ideas of 120 national and international thought leaders to chart the course towards a more resilient and sustainable future for the country.

  • Could a new national air fleet fight future bushfires?

    Michelle Grattan     |      November 2, 2020

    The inquiry set up following last summer’s devastating bushfires has recommended the creation of a national aerial fire fighting capability and more transparent fuel load management strategies.