• People, get ready

    Open Forum     |      May 24, 2024

    The future thinking that Australia needs to meet the increasing severity, length and frequency of natural hazards is outlined in a new report by Natural Hazards Research Australia.

  • Maribyrnong River blues

    Bernie O'Kane     |      May 22, 2024

    Expert commentators are warning of an increasing flood risk along the lower Maribyrnong River in Victoria. Is this a case of the boy “crying wolf” or is there a need for urgent intervention?

  • Resilient food systems

    Rachel Carey     |      May 5, 2024

    With increasing shocks to our food supply, we need clear government accountability to ensure the right to adequate food.

  • Disaster resilience – learning from abroad

    Latika Bourke     |      May 2, 2024

    Australia’s disaster resilience must be transformed and insights from Japan, Fiji, and Tonga illustrate that we can derive important lessons from our friends and neighbours.

  • A national food plan

    Andrew Henderson     |      March 20, 2024

    Australia enjoys natural strategic advantages in terms of geography, resources, and our ability to produce and export food. We should use those advantages to underpin the stability and security of our region.

  • Red sea blues

    Saba Sinai     |      March 18, 2024

    The Yemeni Houthi rebels’ continued attacks on shipping in the Red Sea serve as a reminder that global supply chains remain highly vulnerable to disruption and that food insecurity can simultaneously be an effect and cause of conflict.

  • Red for danger

    Open Forum     |      March 11, 2024

    Australia refused to send a warship to help protect commercial shipping from Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, but our unwillingness to help the international coalition does not mean we are immune from the effects on our supply chains.

  • People, get ready

    Open Forum     |      March 6, 2024

    A new online platform aims to better prepare communities for disasters with the use of community sourced data, resource mapping and artificial intelligence tools.

  • Learning the lessons of national resilience

    Marc Ablong     |      February 21, 2024

    Collective, collaborative action, enabled by governments and built on the capability of Australian industry and communities, can create a more resilient Australia, can ensure that we’re well placed to face the future with confidence.

  • Building community resilience

    Brian Robert Cook     |      January 19, 2024

    Australia’s disaster authorities need to rethink how they use warnings and other communications if they want to build more resilient communities.

  • Helping communities help themselves

    Rebecca McNaught     |      December 22, 2023

    Successive inquiries have shown we can’t rely solely on emergency services in large disasters, so communities must be empowered to help themselves and each other.

  • Australian network resilience

    Malcolm Davis     |      December 1, 2023

    There’s no perfect solution to ensure Australia’s resilience in the face of disruption and foreign threats, so the best approach is to embrace diversification and invest in the right combination of communications infrastructure from the ocean floor to the furthest satellite.