• Bringing back the mini-beasts

    Ary Hoffmann     |      December 12, 2021

    Insect numbers are dwindling around the world and that has an ecological knock-on effect, but we could help by encouraging the mini-beasts in our own urban backyards.

  • The complexities of predicting the effects of climate change

    Ary Hoffmann     |      April 13, 2021

    Some of Australia’s iconic ecosystems are collapsing, which is likely exacerbated by climate change. But we must understand the dynamics of our ecosystems in order to protect them.

  • Bugs v mosquitoes

    Ary Hoffmann     |      July 21, 2019

    The Wolbachia bacteria has successfully suppressed dengue-fever carrying mosquitoes in a trial, but more work is needed to understand how the insects move to infest new areas.

  • Tracking the climate threat to Australian ecosystems

    Ary Hoffmann     |      November 27, 2018

    Evidence of the impact of climate change on our country’s distinct flora and fauna is beginning to emerge, and we’re running out of time to record and preserve our extraordinary biodiversity.