• Oxfam calls for climate action

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2024

    The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-Australia Special Summit commences this week in Melbourne and Oxfam is calling for the Australian government and other world leaders attending to ramp up ambition to tackle the climate crisis in the region.

  • The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      February 29, 2024

    Temperatures in Sydney are tipped to reach 35 degrees today, and Australia’s Climate Council is warning that the nation’s capitals will endure twice as many days over 35 as they used to unless effective action is taken on global warming.

  • That was the weather that was

    Open Forum     |      February 13, 2024

    The Bureau of Meteorology’s Annual Climate Statement says that 2023 was Australia’s equal eighth-warmest year on record, with a large number of extreme events and increasing uncertainty over the future.

  • The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      January 11, 2024

    Record heat across the world profoundly impacted the global water cycle in 2023, contributing to severe storms, floods, megadroughts and bushfires, according to new research from The Australian National University.

  • Long hot summer

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2023

    2023 will claim the title as the warmest year ever recorded, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Its provisional State of the Global Climate report shows global temperatures are 1.4 degrees above pre-industrial levels, carbon dioxide levels are up 50% and the sea level rise from 2013-2022 is more than twice the rate recorded from 1993-2002.

  • The road to 2050

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2023

    A new report by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, shows existing technologies will enable Australia to halve emissions by 2030 from 2020 levels, under a rapid decarbonisation scenario led by a renewable electricity sector.

  • The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      November 21, 2023

    The latest annual Emissions Gap Report from the UNEP has found the world is heading for 2.5-2.9°C temperature rise above pre-industrial levels unless countries step-up action and deliver more than promised in their 2030 pledges under the Paris Agreement.

  • The word for world is forest

    Open Forum     |      November 19, 2023

    The importance of protecting the Earth’s remaining forests and planting more trees has been underlined by a new report on the phenomenal ability of plants to pull carbon from the atmosphere.

  • New tool helps Vanuatu face up to climate change

    Open Forum     |      November 18, 2023

    The Climate Futures Portal will help people in Vanuatu integrate climate information into long-term sector planning, policies and design guides, and strengthen their nation’s climate resilience.

  • Greenwashing corporate emissions

    Open Forum     |      November 17, 2023

    A new study estimates most corporations are not reporting the full scope of their carbon footprint with many claiming to be ‘green’ despite a lack of reporting on indirect, upstream and downstream emissions.

  • Summertime city

    Samantha Dunn     |      November 17, 2023

    As Australia heads into an El Nino summer, UNSW’s Dr Negin Nazarian, an expert in urban climate, explains 5 crucial strategies to keep cities – and people – cooler.

  • A step in the right direction

    Blake Johnson     |      November 16, 2023

    The Falepili Union shows Australia willingness to help with the Pacific’s climate mitigation and security needs, and may well set a precedent for being willing to support broader migration and climate adaptation funding.