• Taking back the Black Sea

    Basil Germond     |      September 23, 2023

    Ukraine has targeted Russia’s assets in the Black Sea and Crimea in recent months, including warships, bases, air defence systems and the Kerch bridge which connects Crimea to mainland Russia. Stepping up this pressure with new weapons will help bring Russia to its knees.

  • All at sea

    Basil Germond     |      March 6, 2023

    Kyiv has undermined Russia’s naval dominance of the Black Sea by demonstrating innovation and initiative through the use of missiles and drones, leaving Russia’s few remaining warships skulking in port or lobbing missiles at civilians far from the conflict zone.

  • Death of a dinosaur

    Basil Germond     |      September 26, 2022

    Putin’s call-up of conscripts show he is determined to march Russia further into the abyss, regardless of growing protests at home and mounting losses in Ukraine.