• Don’t blame the west for Russia’s war

    Peter Tesch     |      March 21, 2024

    Russian propagandists and anti-western agitators will blame anyone and anything except the greed and brutality of Vladimir Putin for Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine.

  • The war the west must win

    Chris McNicol     |      March 21, 2024

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a direct assault on the Western liberal order, and for our peace, freedom and principles to survive, we must rise to the challenge and do whatever it takes to defeat the aggressor.

  • Ten years after

    Stefan Wolff     |      March 18, 2024

    It is ten years since Russia illegally annexed Crimea on March 18 2014. Subsequent efforts to firmly integrate the peninsula into the Russian Federation, however, have been far from the success story that the Kremlin often likes to portray.

  • Be brave like Ukraine

    Anastasiya Byesyedina     |      March 14, 2024

    The Pope may be calling for Ukraine to surrender, but the people of Ukraine will fight on for their freedom, their culture and their lives. We must do all we can to support them.

  • King of lies

    Kateryna Kasianenko     |      March 10, 2024

    Russian propaganda and disinformation continue to pose a global risk. Ukrainian territories that Russia unlawfully occupies have served as a testing ground for the Kremlin’s information operations and provide us with a glimpse into its present and future propaganda tactics.

  • The end of the affair

    Paul Dibb     |      March 8, 2024

    As Russia’s stalled invasion of Ukraine drags into a third year, what are the prospects to an end to the conflict, and could it escalate into a full-scale war between Russia and NATO?

  • Ukraine is fighting our war

    Brendan Nicholson     |      March 3, 2024

    On the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of his country, Ambassador Vasyl Myroshnychenko has delivered a blunt and heartfelt message to Australia—Ukraine is fighting our war.

  • Helping Ukraine to help ourselves

    Bec Shrimpton     |      March 2, 2024

    To recall Margaret Thatcher’s choice turn of phrase to George H.W. Bush when confronting Saddam Hussein’s flagrant aggression against Kuwait in 1990, this is no time “to go wobbly” on Australia’s support for Ukraine.

  • Boots on the ground

    Kenton White     |      March 1, 2024

    The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has said sending western troops to fight the Russians in Ukraine “could not be ruled out”.

  • A tough year ahead for Ukraine

    Matthew Sussex     |      February 25, 2024

    Europe is finally beginning to wake up to the reality a Trump-led US could abandon NATO, in addition to Ukraine, but whether European nations are able to overcome their institutional inertia and webs of entangled interests to stoutly resist Russia on their own remains an open question.

  • The horror, the horror

    Jon Richardson     |      February 23, 2024

    Unmarked graves, abducted children, raped women, murdered civilians, blasted landscapes, deserted towns, violent repression and cultural erasure are just part of the devastating toll of Russia’s bestial invasion of Ukraine.

  • Stay the course with Ukraine

    Peter Tesch     |      February 20, 2024

    The West cannot turn its back on Ukraine in the face of Vladimir Putin’s remorseless and ruthless aggression. He must be stopped and turned back, or Western Europe itself will be in grave danger.