• Who will lead Britain?

    Ben Wellings     |      October 23, 2022

    The Conservatives are running out of credible leadership candidates, and might even return to Boris Johnson.

  • All aboard the Conservative carousel

    Ben Wellings     |      October 23, 2022

    British politics currently exists in a weird time warp. Like some special effect from an early episode of Dr Who, time and reality are bent and twisted – only this time it’s all sadly true.

  • Who is Liz Truss?

    Ben Wellings     |      September 13, 2022

    One of the Queen’s final acts was to welcome Liz Truss as the new British Prime Minister, in succession to the ebullient Boris Johnson.

  • Looking forward and back at the Queen’s 70th jubilee

    Ben Wellings     |      June 5, 2022

    Queen Elizabeth II has come to represent the stability and longevity of the British monarchy but her 70th jubilee prompts thoughts of Prince Charles’ eventual accession.

  • Technopopulism – The new logic of democratic politics

    Ben Wellings     |      November 2, 2021

    Christopher Bickerton and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti describe, define and diagnose what they consider to be a new logic of democratic politics: the merging of populist and technocratic modes of governance that they label ‘technopopulism’.