• A step in the right direction

    Blake Johnson     |      November 16, 2023

    The Falepili Union shows Australia willingness to help with the Pacific’s climate mitigation and security needs, and may well set a precedent for being willing to support broader migration and climate adaptation funding.

  • Cutting through the noise

    Blake Johnson     |      October 27, 2023

    Education must play a role in helping the population of democratic nations like Australia sort through the noise on social media and find proper sources of reliable information online.

  • Planning for the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands

    Blake Johnson     |      October 20, 2023

    The Solomon Islands’ security environment is stable for now, and the Pacific Games may proceed there in November without a hitch, but Australia’s prior preparation and scenario planning will help cope with any potential emergency.

  • A fresh start with the Solomon Islands?

    Blake Johnson     |      September 9, 2023

    Australia has an opportunity to approach the issue of security with a broader lens that includes more groups in the Pacific through greater transparency and engagement.

  • Strengthening Pacific treaties

    Blake Johnson     |      July 10, 2023

    Security agreements are an increasingly hot topic in the Pacific as Australia, the US, China and New Zealand seek broad arrangements across the region, but Pacific treaties must be built with care and nurtured once they’re in place.