• Ukraine marches forward

    Christopher Morris     |      August 2, 2023

    The West’s timid refusal to give Ukraine the jets it needs has slowed its brave counter-offensive against heavily mined and fortified Russian positions, but increasing progress is being made.

  • After the flood

    Christopher Morris     |      June 10, 2023

    Just as Saddam Hussain ignited Kuwait’s oil wells to frustrate the allied advance and destroy the assets he sought to gain through invasion, so the Russian flooding of Southern Ukraine betrays the ‘scorched Earth’ approach of a defeated and retreating army.

  • The killing fields of Bakhmut

    Christopher Morris     |      March 9, 2023

    The cold blooded murder of Ukrainian prisoner Tymofiy Shadura by Russian troops, who not only filmed their own war crime but uploaded it to social media, epitomises the bestial brutality of Russia’s assault on Bakhmut.

  • Putin’s conscription call-up has already backfired

    Christopher Morris     |      September 23, 2022

    Putin’s call-up of reservists to fight in Ukraine underlines the weakness of his military, and is already sparking protests and exits as a population which broadly supports the war but has been isolated from its horror begins to confront its grim reality.

  • The Russian fish rots from the head

    Christopher Morris     |      September 15, 2022

    The fatal lack of flexibility and independence within the Russian military is no accident, and reflects the paranoia of Russia’s leadership clique and the personality flaws of Vladimir Putin.

  • Popular resistance in occupied Ukraine

    Christopher Morris     |      June 15, 2022

    Russia has paid a heavy price to occupy parts of Eastern Ukraine, and popular resistance from Ukrainians trapped under its rule is likely to ensure an uncomfortable stay for the invading Russian forces.