• Narrowing the trust divide

    Fergus Neilson     |      December 20, 2023

    Mistrust between elected politicians and the electorate continues to widen, undermining faith in democracy itself. Fergus Neilson discusses proposals from political professionals and voters to narrow the ‘trust divide’ and improve the internal resilience of Western liberal democracy.

  • Vox Populi

    Fergus Neilson     |      September 25, 2020

    Fergus Neilson analyses a snapshot of opinions on the condition of 21st century democracy and offers some ideas for reform.

  • Building a better mechanism for democratic engagement

    Fergus Neilson     |      November 17, 2014

    Democracy is still a better form of government than all the other forms that have been tried so far. Fergus Neilson from THE FUTURES PROJECT therefore invites you to actively get involved and take part in an online social engagement enquiry into energy security and affordability.

  • Memo to self: Embrace change – it is your friend

    Fergus Neilson     |      February 21, 2014

    What happens after your working life comes to an end? Fergus Neilson encourages us to look to new horizons and take the opportunity to experience a different way of life.

  • Vote 1 Badgerys Creek Sydney’s next airport

    Fergus Neilson     |      December 4, 2012

    The debate around the future of air travel in Sydney is an ongoing tale of twists and turns. Fergus Neilson steps up to the plate to share why Badgerys Creek is his choice for a new airport.  

    Yet again the issue re-oxygenates! It does with each new state premier and every new survey of Australian in-bound tourism numbers. Now given even greater prominence with the threat of a third major airport in Melbourne.

    Does Sydney need a second airport? And if so where?

    There would appear to be three main schools of thought: a) just make Mascot bigger; b) move to the suburbs; and c) let technology provide the answer.

  • Is your budget setting process doomed?

    Fergus Neilson     |      October 18, 2012

    The global economic environment is harsher than ever leaving even established businesses struggling to remain viable. Fergus Neilson says it is important to reduce the risk of failure by applying long-term vision.

  • Does red tape strangle an economy or provide a safety harness?

    Fergus Neilson     |      June 5, 2012
    It can be hard to tell when red tape has grown out of control and when it is the glue that is holding things together. Fergus Neilson says that removing red tape could leave Australia open to corruption and commercial opportunism.
    Open the pages of any publication of even the slightest ‘rightest’ hue and you will trip over demands for an immediate removal of red tape.

    Bureaucratic interference and rule setting is generally categorised as sugar in the petrol tank of commercial and economic progress.

    Yet, hold it for a moment. Weren’t these rules prepared and enacted as a consequence of rightly perceived wrongs, inequities and downright dishonesties?

  • Australian superannuation – for the benefit of Canberra, Collins Street or Struggletown?

    Fergus Neilson     |      April 3, 2012

    Australians have more money invested in managed funds per capita than any other economy in the world. But Fergus Neilson wonders if we are making the most of it.

  • Australia in 2020 – for richer or poorer?

    Fergus Neilson     |      January 11, 2012

    Ayn Rand, John Maynard Keynes or Mondragon? Fergus Neilson asks, what is Australia’s most promising route to a vibrant future?

    Four friends meet in a Martin Place bar for drinks after work one summer evening early in 2012. Conversation swings from despair (prospects for tomorrow’s market opening) to elation (another coal mine sold at record prices to Indian investors); from boasting about recent bonuses to roasting the scattered remnants of a largely ignored protest outside the Reserve Bank; and, inevitably, to concerns about the future prospects of their growing children.

  • Australia – you’re living in it, that makes it your responsibility

    Fergus Neilson     |      December 5, 2011

  • Focus on progress of society, not the wellbeing of individuals

    Fergus Neilson     |      November 15, 2011

    Measures of social progress are as varied as the theories on how it can be achieved. Fergus Neilson believes there can be no purpose in measurement unless the indicators are relevant and their application triggers productive action.

  • Setting a new direction for public and private transport in Sydney

    Fergus Neilson     |      October 31, 2011