• Renting your way to your first home

    Hal Pawson     |      June 9, 2023

    Fewer young people have the means to buy their first home, but is there a way to shortcut a failing system through extending ‘rent to buy’ approaches?

  • NSW’s housing crisis

    Hal Pawson     |      March 18, 2023

    A rapidly increasing population and soaring interest rates and rents have created a growing housing crisis which the new NSW government will have to deal with, whatever side of politics takes power.

  • A plan for social housing

    Hal Pawson     |      October 10, 2020

    The Community Housing Industry Association’s Social Housing Acceleration and Renovation Program (SHARP) would deliver an extra 30,000 homes and renovate thousands more over four years.

  • Repairing the housing market

    Hal Pawson     |      September 21, 2020

    The fallout from COVID-19 for housing and homelessness just adds to the urgency of fixing the long-standing ills of the housing market. The well-being of Australia’s economy and people depends on it.

  • Australian housing needs a shake-up

    Hal Pawson     |      February 21, 2020

    Millions of Australians are struggling with unaffordable housing. It’s a systemic problem that’s been decades in the making, and only concerted system-wide reforms will fix it.

  • Renters can be trapped for years in homes they can’t afford

    Hal Pawson     |      November 3, 2019

    After paying rent, more than half of low-income tenants don’t have enough left over for other essentials, and the latest evidence shows nearly half of them can be stuck in this situation for years.

  • There’s clear water between the parties on housing policy

    Hal Pawson     |      April 20, 2019

    Housing policy is a stark point of difference at this election. While the government took promising steps to set up social housing finance, it has yet to give any sign it will finish what it started.

  • Above all, a plan for housing is needed

    Hal Pawson     |      May 15, 2017

    The solution to address both housing affordability and affordable housing lies in a combination of measures. Professor of Housing Research and Policy at the City Futures Research Centre Hal Pawson explains.