• Making mega-projects work

    Open Forum     |      June 23, 2024

    Medium and large-scale construction projects have a better chance of success if they are able to adhere to a set of pre-determined success criteria.

  • The flood risk at Kensington Banks

    Bernie O'Kane     |      June 19, 2024

    Floods have caused disastrous property damage in the Eastern States in recent years, with Melbourne’s Maribyrnong River incident in October 2022 offering a case study of foolish planning decisions and an abdication of responsibility in recognising and mitigating the danger of future events.

  • Filling in the blanks

    Neil Sipe     |      April 28, 2024

    The housing crisis created by Australia’s high rate of immigration mean that governments and developers are eying every square inch of under-used land in our cities, but plans for ‘in-fill’ development are often slow to materialise in reality.

  • Planning by numbers

    Open Forum     |      April 23, 2024

    Leading planning and geospatial figures are calling for a coordinated approach to digitising and streamlining Australia’s urban planning systems.

  • Saving megabucks on megaprojects

    Kiri Parr     |      March 21, 2024

    Reforming company boards, contracts and cost estimating could help reduce the massive cost-blow outs which bedevil Australian mega-projects.

  • A park in your pocket

    Ben Knight     |      October 22, 2023

    Population pressures and higher density housing are consuming the private gardens which once greened our cities and suburbs, increasing the importance of ‘pocket parks’ to offer wildlife and residents a welcome home.

  • The internet of vehicle theft

    Rachael Medhurst     |      August 13, 2023

    Technology that exchanges data over the internet to make transportation more autonomous, safe and efficient also makes it easier for criminals to steal your car.

  • Victoria’s hot air about gas

    Max Thomas     |      August 3, 2023

    The justification of the Victorian government’s forthcoming ban on gas supplies to new homes on health grounds seems less than convincing, given the much greater problem posed by particulates from diesel and wood burning stoves.

  • Solving the shortage of civil engineers

    Open Forum     |      July 20, 2023

    Major infrastructure projects across Australia, including those for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, face a critical shortage of civil engineers but QUT researchers say early-career civil engineers would be more likely to stay in the field if given roles with autonomy, responsibility, and workplace flexibility.

  • How to print your house

    James Rose     |      June 20, 2023

    The adoption of 3D printing in architecture will allow designers to experiment with geometries that are difficult to produce using other construction methods, but are common in nature.

  • Concrete jungle

    Open Forum     |      June 19, 2023

    In news that will surprise absolutely no-one, researchers have found that people find the high-density urban environments favoured by governments and urban planners more stressful than less densely populated places.

  • Planning for regional housing

    Ben Knight     |      June 15, 2023

    Successive governments have encouraged mass immigration to artificially bouy economic growth in the absence of real productivity rises, but this has created housing shortages and resulting price rises in Australia’s urban centres, increasing the need for better planning for housing in regional areas.