• Now is the winter of Russia’s discontent

    Liam Collins     |      December 10, 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ground to a halt months ago, and, despite Putin’s bluster, Ukraine is now poised to win back more territory against the dispirited invaders.

  • Ukraine fights on – but needs western weapons

    Liam Collins     |      September 4, 2022

    Ukraine continues to resist Russia’s murderous invasion, but ultimate victory will require increased flows of Western weapons and continued international support.

  • David v Goliath – How Ukraine has held off Russia

    Liam Collins     |      May 14, 2022

    Having refused to arm or fight for Ukraine, or allow it to join the EU and NATO, the West expected Ukraine to fold quickly to a Russian invasion, but inspired leadership, incredible courage, modern western weapons and a willingness to learn from past mistakes have humiliated Vladimir Putin and his lumbering hordes.