• Powerless without glory

    Max Thomas     |      September 26, 2016

    It has been reported over the weekend that the closure of the Victoria’s Hazelwood plant in the Latrobe Valley may be imminent. Max Thomas is concerned about the future of a region that has been left with gaping holes – not only in the ground, but also in its socio-economic fabric.

  • Great Barrier Reef: Springvale Station purchase

    Max Thomas     |      July 1, 2016

    Environment groups and scientists have hailed the Queensland Government’s recent move to buy a cattle station south of Cooktown as a victory for reef conservation. Max Thomas questions whether the purchase serves a well-planned purpose beyond a mere political one.

  • Milk Isn’t Green. Really?

    Max Thomas     |      May 27, 2016

    A recent article discussed the ‘real cost of milk’ in terms of environmental impact and animal welfare. Max Thomas however suggests that there is a need for informed thought and not simple dogma.

  • A view of the Gippsland Lakes

    Max Thomas     |      April 12, 2016

    Are we failing to protect the natural world? Max Thomas says we need to understand that the value of life and the natural systems is priceless.

  • What’s the Use of Desalinated Water?

    Max Thomas     |      March 14, 2016

    Stephen Gray, Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation at Victoria University, recently wrote that Melbourne's desalination plant would play a vital role in providing water in a drying climate. Max Thomas says we should be careful to not promote a wasteful consumption of desalinated water and instead encourage a sustainable water use culture.

  • Samarco mine disaster in Brazil: the tragedy of the commons at work

    Max Thomas     |      November 13, 2015

    The recent collapse of a dam in Brazil killed 11 people with a dozen still missing. Max Thomas says disasters like this will keep occurring while the desire for more of everything as cheap as possible exists.

  • Political climate change

    Max Thomas     |      October 1, 2015

    Will Malcolm Turnbull have the political courage and skill to break our bond with carbon? Max Thomas on climate change, economics and old jokes.

  • My vision for Australia – a Fair Go for all

    Max Thomas     |      May 4, 2015

    Do we need constitutional change? Max Thomas says the existing arrangements that served us well in the past are not well suited to our position in the contemporary world.

  • Buy back privatised utilities and infrastructure? What for? Why?

    Max Thomas     |      March 16, 2015

    Should state governments buy back privatised utilities and infrastructure? Max Thomas suggests to rather campaign for investing in state-owned renewable energy and other key infrastructure.

  • Population and the environment – a perspective

    Max Thomas     |      March 13, 2015

    Many claim that overpopulation is the greatest contributor to environmental damage. Reducing the population seems like a simple solution, but is it?

  • Environmentalism and science

    Max Thomas     |      March 9, 2015

    Science needs to be able to speak the language of its intended audience. Max Thomas says the challenge is to get the science of communication and the communication of science right.