• Half baked anti-Cook sentiment won’t encourage reconciliation

    Max Thomas     |      May 22, 2018

    While some have criticised the Cook landing anniversary project as outdated colonial baggage, it may well serve to raise awareness among all Australians about the need for reconciliation as an essential and integral part of our growth as a nation.

  • Our Darling’s getting dearer

    Max Thomas     |      May 8, 2018

    With the Senate about to consider allocating more money to the Murray Darling Basin Plan, it’s time to reconsider the issue afresh. Increased efficiency in agricultural water use should result in more water being available for environmental management, not less.

  • The potential – and perils – of ‘technological optimism’

    Max Thomas     |      May 6, 2018

    ‘Technologically optimistic’ solutions to global warming include everything from wind and solar energy to mass scale kelp farming, but will any of these strategies work?

  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

    Max Thomas     |      March 5, 2018

    Max Thomas makes an impassioned plea for rational debate and enlightened leadership to tackle the pressing economic and environmental problems of our time.

  • Considering our river systems

    Max Thomas     |      January 31, 2018

    Is Cubbie Station to blame for the state of the Darling River? Expert on environmental management systems Max Thomas considers whether the accusations are accurate.

  • The Rain in Spain

    Max Thomas     |      October 5, 2017

    The push for Catalonian independence has its roots in conflict dating back 300 years. Max Thomas considers the vital natural resources that have shaped civilisation and human development for thousands of years and suggests that independence movements elsewhere in Europe should closely watch developments in Spain.

  • Alternative alternatives – energy solutions

    Max Thomas     |      September 22, 2017

    Transitioning from coal-fired power generation to renewable energy technologies is a necessary process but how do we do this most efficiently and effectively? Max Thomas considers some of our past disasters and successes.

  • Can seed planting drones help fight climate change and deforestation?

    Max Thomas     |      July 20, 2017

    The uses for drones are rapidly increasing. Recent advances have suggested that they could be used to reforest previously unreachable country. Max Thomas explores the realities of using drones to combat climate change and the catastrophe of deforestation.

  • Great Artesian Basin: Don’t pull the plug

    Max Thomas     |      April 13, 2017

    The granting of an unlimited 60-year water licence to the Adani Carmichael coal mine in early April has farmers and community groups concerned as they fear this would allow it to drain huge amounts of water from the Great Artesian Basin.

  • Guess who got a cattle station for Christmas

    Max Thomas     |      January 12, 2017

    The Australian government has recently approved a bid from mining magnate Gina Rinehart and a Chinese partner to buy the cattle empire S. Kidman & Co. Max Thomas voices his concerns.

  • On Coal Seam Gas fracking

    Max Thomas     |      October 28, 2016

    Senator for Queensland and co-deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, Larissa Waters, has recently called to ban coal seam gas (CSG) fracking. After spending many years working for the environment, Max Thomas believes that the time for protest has passed and we need rational, evidence-based action.

  • Weathering the political storm

    Max Thomas     |      October 6, 2016

    Recent wild and stormy weather caused widespread power outages in South Australia. Max Thomas comments on the ensuing political storm from both sides of the renewables debate.