• Labor has its work cut out

    Michelle Grattan     |      June 13, 2022

    Labor came to power with a minimal manifesto but action is required to handle the parlous economy and deteriorating international situation it has inherited.

  • The ‘long march’ facing Peter Dutton

    Michelle Grattan     |      June 1, 2022

    Peter Dutton has inherited the leadership of the Liberals but this long-sought post might prove a poisoned chalice unless he can rebrand himself and his party.

  • Who is Scott Morrison?

    Michelle Grattan     |      May 19, 2022

    Scott Morrison’s cynical, aggressive, self-serving leadership proved the Coalition’s secret weapon in the last election campaign, but the same qualities have made him a liability in this one.

  • Albanese blows week one

    Michelle Grattan     |      April 15, 2022

    A series of gaffes by Labor leader Anthony Albanese have given the Coalition hope that the election isn’t lost yet.

  • Over it v Not up to it?

    Michelle Grattan     |      April 10, 2022

    Scott Morrison has finally called the Australian election but the campaign is set to be fought on low ground as neither major party offers the voters an inspirational agenda.

  • A cash for votes budget

    Michelle Grattan     |      March 30, 2022

    All governments attempt to bribe electorates with their own money in the budget before an election – before pleading austerity as soon as they’re elected. The current coalition follows this well-trod pack at unprecedented scale.

  • Hawkes and doves

    Michelle Grattan     |      March 12, 2022

    The raft of policies offered by an over-confident Bill Shorten gave the Coalition some easy targets before the last election, but Anthony Albanese’s low-key approach is proving a more difficult target for Scott Morrison to hit.

  • A royal commission for COVID?

    Michelle Grattan     |      January 28, 2022

    A royal commission would not detract from Australia’s undoubted successes in dealing with COVID but would put us in a better position to confront a future wave or new pandemic.

  • Australia stumbles through omicron

    Michelle Grattan     |      January 15, 2022

    Politicians across the country have been hit for six by the speed and severity of the Omicron outbreak, and hopeful rhetoric has proved no substitute for proper preparations and effective measures.

  • Carbon politics over policy

    Michelle Grattan     |      October 27, 2021

    Scott Morrison’s new carbon plan seems more about appeasing his critics on both sides of the political spectrum than actually committing Australia to the battle against climate change.

  • Albanese needs to walk the talk on Labor’s integrity issue

    Michelle Grattan     |      October 15, 2021

    The Labor leader has campaigned relentlessly against the government on a range of integrity issues and so to soft pedal on his party’s own ‘branch stacking’ scandal smacks of double standards and a failure of leadership.

  • Abbot warns of Chinese designs on Taiwan

    Michelle Grattan     |      October 9, 2021

    Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has warned that communist China could soon “lash out disastrously” at Taiwan.