• AI at the UN

    Mercedes Page     |      April 7, 2024

    While the UN may not ever be able to mandate a single global AI governance framework, it can play a crucial role in setting minimum standards, fostering consensus on core principles and facilitating interoperability between different technological blocs, ensuring that AI is developed and deployed responsibly for the benefit of everyone.

  • Fooling Google

    Michelle Lazarus     |      March 31, 2024

    Art is based on life, and AI doesn’t have one. That’s just one reason why the art community is uniquely well-positioned to show us the limitations of AI.

  • Australia could lead the world in surgical AI

    Open Forum     |      March 30, 2024

    Australia and New Zealand could become international leaders in the safe use of artificial intelligence (AI) in surgery, but first there needs to be guidelines in place to safeguard patients, according to University of Adelaide experts.

  • Welcome to your friendly local chatbot

    Open Forum     |      March 29, 2024

    QUT researchers have homed in on AI-powered chatbots in the local government sector to look at their benefits and risks, what they are used for and why, and how users view them.

  • Understanding Europe’s approach to AI

    Margrethe Vestager     |      March 25, 2024

    The European Union’s new AI legislation is a careful balancing act between power and responsibility, innovation and trust, and freedom and safety.

  • There’s no substitute for people in social research

    Alexandra Gibson     |      March 23, 2024

    Autogenerated garbage is swamping human creativity on internet platforms, but the limitations of AI reemphasise the importance of humanity in social research.

  • Legislating responsible AI

    Jason Signolet     |      March 21, 2024

    The European Union has finalised the world’s first AI Act to enforce binding rules on the development, deployment and use of both high-risk and general-purpose AI because when machines support or even replace everything from everyday processes to high-level decision-making, there’s a lot at stake.

  • AI in the dock over fake cases

    Michael Legg     |      March 19, 2024

    A combination of lazy lawyers and hallucinating AI have seen a slew of invented cases presented as fact to exasperated judges.

  • Junk food for the mind

    Marten Risius     |      March 15, 2024

    Generative AI is pumping out endless torrents of garbage books, pictures and social media posts for scammers and fraudsters – up to 70% of tweets on Elon Musk’s X are generated by bots – undermining the public’s trust in all kinds of online information.

  • Back to the future

    Danielle Williams     |      March 10, 2024

    The field of artificial intelligence has been running through a boom-and-bust cycle since its early days. Now, as the field is in yet another boom, many proponents of the technology seem to have forgotten the failures of the past – and the reasons for them.

  • Sprint to success with AI

    Open Forum     |      February 21, 2024

    An artificial intelligence “Sprint” has been launched to help startups and entrepreneurs rapidly develop AI solutions to address pressing national issues including cost of living, governance, supply chain resilience, human and environmental well-being, and workforce transformation.

  • Ersatz intelligence

    Paul Compton     |      February 19, 2024

    AI is not intelligent or truly creative, but ersatz intelligence and creativity will be good enough for many humdrum commercial tasks for companies looking to cut expensive human staff.