• AI is a double-edged sword

    Toby Walsh     |      October 16, 2021

    As the perils and wonders of artificial intelligence begin to permeate our lives, the ‘IPCC report for AI’ calls for action to ensure a safe future.

  • How AI can inform course choices

    Tomas Trescak     |      October 14, 2021

    Academics have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to create a custom-designed course planning and recommendation system for students based on the skills their desired jobs require.

  • AI could help predict the next pandemic

    Open Forum     |      October 2, 2021

    Machine learning using viral genomes may help predict the likelihood that any animal-infecting virus will infect humans in the future.

  • AI advice for career change

    Open Forum     |      August 6, 2021

    Researchers have developed a machine learning-based method that can identify and recommend jobs to workers looking for a new role. With technological changes COVID-19 impacting differently across industries, it could help workers who find themselves quickly having to make a switch.

  • Australians don’t trust Artificial Intelligence

    Emma Pryor     |      June 21, 2021

    Trust is an issue when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) according to a University of Queensland study that found 72 per cent of people are doubtful about the technology and its use.

  • Your face does not belong to Facebook

    Sarah Monazam Erfani     |      June 13, 2021

    Every photograph we share on the internet is used by data giants such as Google and Facebook and used to track us and sell advertising. Adding ‘noise’ to these photos could restore some semblance of privacy.

  • The ethics of AI

    Craig Donaldson     |      June 12, 2021

    While many organisations are implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, there are costs and risks that need to be carefully considered.

  • Australia’s future hinges on investment in AI

    Huon Curtis     |      May 20, 2021

    Australia urgently needs to elevate its discussion of artificial intelligence from the technical to the strategic.

  • Can AI create art?

    Ben Knight     |      March 20, 2021

    As machines become more sophisticated, will artificial intelligence be the evolution or the end of art?

  • Using A.I. to detect disease

    Open Forum     |      March 13, 2021

    An international collaboration led by The University of Sydney and supported by ANSTO has developed an advanced, innovative artificial intelligence application to help examine tissue samples and identify signs of disease.

  • An eye for the future of health

    Open Forum     |      February 15, 2021

    The use of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and this could pave the way for other fields of medicine, according to Australian and international authors.

  • The geopolitics of artificial intelligence

    Anastasia Kapetas     |      December 25, 2020

    Australia has the opportunity to develop innovative policy that could help set standards internationally by engaging transparently with the high risk to security, democracy and social cohesion inherent in many AI applications.